AA Software Development

We offer resources for quality software development, such as:

Dependable Software Development process –for producing higher quality code; it focuses on creating deliverables correctly rather than spending time on test and rework cycles—testing is intended to confirm the quality more than to find defects. Download: Dependable Software Development white paper.

AA Software Engineering Process (to be posted) – documentation, templates and training for a complete process and methodology of software development, that is lean but meets various regulations’ requirements; can be used with the Front-end Quality process (see below), for an Agile process or for a traditional project.

Process Arena Server System – PASS (to be posted)—a model based system, supporting application implementation directly from models.

Key FSM (to be posted)—an extension of the UML Statechart FSM; provides improved modeling capabilities for free and formal process modeling.

Additional publications:

Data selection error rate reduction mechanism


Principal: Arie Avnur, Arie Avnur has 40+ years’ experience as a developer, manager and executive, developing various types of software and markets, from real-time embedded to enterprise and web applications, defense systems, robotics and manufacturing to ecommerce and healthcare systems. Arie published papers on development methods and tools. His current interest is software quality and projects success; he advises software developers and management on practical quality improvements. Arie can be reached at Arie@AA-SW-DEV.com.